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Where to Buy Challenge Coins

Challenge coins were once called commander coins as well as unit coins. These coins bear different meanings to different groups of people. You will see people attaching special memories, hard work, and friendship on them. You will notice each unit of law enforcement having their unique challenge coins, which they attached to different things. This practice of having challenge coins began with the United States Air Force personnel. There were there to show them just how much they valued their input in the world wars. There were meant to celebrate all they had accomplished.

You will notice most of the challenge coins in bronze plating. You will also notice a small niche of silver and gold ones too. The face of the coin has the badge and motto of the unit. The coins bear a lot of significance for each unit member, and they are treasured as long as they have them. When a new member joins their ranks, they get to be presented one as a symbol of acceptance. These coins also serve the purpose of getting the team psyched up. For all these reasons, having such a coin brings a lot of pride in an officer.

There are now more people interested in these coins, apart from law enforcement and the military. They are a hot commodity at auction houses, online traders, and private individuals. They are all looking to see where they will get the rarest, unique and valuable pieces. It is important for anyone interested in police challenge coins to go about their search carefully since there has been a rise in the sale of counterfeit ones. When someone says they are selling a particular coin, you need to find out when it was issued and exactly what was printed on it first. Old coins tend to be more valuable than the new ones. The newer they are, the less value they have attached to them. You will also score great value when you get those issued for acts of courage beyond duty by law enforcement officers. Since they are not many, they shall be more valuable.

You need to see to it that the coins are not damaged when you are buying them. Acquiring a coin will give you certain responsibilities. You need to see to it that the coin does not get spoilt or defaced. If this happens, the coin shall no longer be recognized as a collector’s item. This rule has affected so many collectors who wanted to wear their coins and so had a small hole drilled on them to add to a chain. That one hole cased them to see their value drop do significantly. This calls for care in how you inspect such coins. Check for any signs of damage before buying any.

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