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How the Iranian Government is Evading Nuclear Sanctions

If the United States of American and major EU powers don’t pay attention , then they may not be able to prevent Iran from from developing nuclear weapons. Government operatives in Iran are very much determined to build nuclear weapons even though tough sanctions have greatly limited their plan. Iran has continually pushed for the advancement of neuclar weapons, despite the opposition and sanctions from the year 2002. The Iranian ambitions are lead by government officials. The sanctions imposed by the US on Iran economy have yielded some fruits but Tehran operatives continue to push on with their plans.

For example, American and the European Union sanctions have caused the Iranian economy to tank, causing a lot of suffering to the ordinary Iranian citizen. The Iranian government is hell bent on developing nuclaier weapons even though there are numerous protests in the country. Even though some of the sanctions are having the desired effects, the Iranian government is finding ways to circumvent such actions. If the US and EU are not careful, then the Iranians could still acquire nuclear technology using devious ways. This article summarizes some the tactics the operatives in Tehran are employing to by-pass tough sanctions put forward by the United States of America.

Investing in foreign companies

The government operatives in Tehran are buying out firms in foreign nations with the aim of advancing their nuclear program. For example, the Iranian government is investing loads of money into proxy companies located outside Iran, specifically In Germany and Italy. A clear suspicious activity going on involves Iranian operatives buying firms dealing with industrial gas.

For instance, the Iranian government through its proxy companies has managed to fully acquire several industrial plants in Frankfurt. The moment American and European Union operatives uncover such machinations, the Iranian shut the companies and start new ones. Most companies acquired by Iranian proxy companies in Europe have been very poor in terms of generating revenue. The main agenda of the Iranian government is to use devious ways to acquire the skills and materials needed to advance their nuclear program.

Procuring materials through proxy companies’ located abroad

The other method government operatives in Tehran are employing to circumvent sanctions is by trying to use proxy companies located in places like Dubai to procure banned equipment and materials. Several link between Iran and some proxy companies based in UAE being used to procure materials have been discovered for example. While the US and EU watch with a keen eye, the threat of Iran acquiring key equipment and materials needed to advance their nuclear program is alive and kicking.

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