What age can babies start wearing shoes

You can start putting shoes on newborns even from the moment you bring them home from the hospital. Here are the main recommendations for each age group:


Its necessary for my baby to wear shoes as a newborn? This is the most common question asked by parents. In the first months of life, its best to keep your baby barefoot. But sometimes, in the colder periods or when your baby is outside,baby stores online, crib or pram shoes and booties are a good choice.

Crib and pram shoes are almost the same kind of shoes. They are both newborn shoes, made of a soft bottom and they are meant to keep the babies feet warm and not touching the ground. Also, they are seen as a fashionable thing since babies still cant walk. The pram shoes are usually worn when a newborn is out in a pram or chair walker.

If you find these shoes necessary or if you like them,baby clothes, pick a pair that is as comfy and light as possible. Also, look for crib or pram shoes to have elastic around the opening to be easier to get on and more likely to stay like that.

For your baby girl or boy, you can choose a pair of soft sole shoes or booties for newborn. These shoes are soft and light, crafted to offer comfort and freedom to your babys feet.

An alternative could be soft leather shoes or crocheted shoes. Both are comfortable and will successfully complete baby pure look.

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If you prefer for yout baby to be more free, an alternative will be soft sole shoes for newborn. Soft sole shoes are not only soft and comfortable but are also perfect for photo shoots, parties and for any type of occasion.

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Whatever crib shoes you choose for your baby, they usually cost between $15 and $40.